It was an evening that took me back 40 years.  It reminded of the long and winding journey most of us have taken. 40 years ago we would not have imagined that Corrine and George (now Siddhartha) would have organised a Sufi evening.  This March evening they did, and I reached there to capture these moments.
It is quite incredible that many of the firebrands are still at it.. albeit in a relaxed reflective mood. More expansive.. Less Shrill.. But "kattar" nonetherless! The evening was also a critique of some of our old blinkered ways, where we ignored everything that was not political.

Praveen and Gurusangappa Hoogar

Praveen Hoogar

the improvisations and the mathematical meet..
Saiyyan Geetadevi

Saiyyan & Teri Diwani by Geetabai 

The Sad and the Joyful : Sufi influences in Bollywood

Banandur Kempaiah

Siddhartha: who goeth
Siddhartha reads a Rumi
Who goeth there? Who may enter!
Pichalli Srinivas is an activist of the Dalit Sangarsh Samiti  which  passion made him sing
Vipul: Kabir
Kabir by Vipul


Cheriyan Alexander
Dr. Cheriyan Alexander,

Basvaraju (song)

Mamta Sagar
prayer of the frog
Alex Tuscano tell a story about the prayer of the frogs by Tony Dmello
Sufi association
Message from the Sufi Association
A Plea from Iran..
from Iran

                  & W Road

Video Documentation

by John DSouza,
Long & Winding Road Programme,
Centre for Education & Documentation