There were 160 students from the 9th & 10th Standard.  The Students were introduced to what were Green house gases and the causes of emissions. Walter made the session very interacting, with the students sharing some of their understanding about the causes of emissions being vehicles, industries, cutting trees and so on. The lecture also covered points on the effects of global warming where some of the students pointed out sea level rise, melting of the glaciers and so on. Issues of equity comparison at the global as well as the city and village level and finally the session was rounded off by suggesting means we could adopt like composting waste, reducing electricity usage and public transportation as ways to fight against Global warming.  One of the teachers was keen on knowing about Waste Management and taking it up a project for students because that is one of things the school could adopt immediately.  The students were provided with visuals of the science of climate change.

In the sixties and the seventies, the new activists came from the elite educational institutions, like IITs, Xaviers, and many from Foreign Universities. They either joined left politics or movements, or formed NGOs.

Today, a large number come...

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