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a factsheet on Communlism in the eighties

Communalism exists on an interface between tradition and modernity, history and journalism. It is at once a legacy of the past whose present is being constantly augmented. The predominant considerations had in mind for this report was that it did not necessarily have to arrive with totality and certainty at one definitive approach or even propose any solutions or positions vis-a-vis present-day communalism. Instead recognised several hierarchies of communalism and decided to explore some of them.

The essays in this collection are interventions at some of the various levels of comunalism identified. While each of the essays stands on its own and is of contemporary relevance, there is no sum of the parts that will be found within.

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looking back; loking forward

WHETHER GODHRA WAS PRE-PLANNED OR NOT,  it definitely was an excuse for brandishing the saffron flag and openly giving vent to the long nutured hatred against the Muslim community ...

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Summary / Highlights of   Various Reports on `Gujarat Carnage'