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Gujarat: Looking Back, Looking Forward
    - A thematic webpage on the 2002 carnage at Godhra, the backdrop of the pogrom and the organised massacre of Muslims

On the 1992 Bombay Riots from CED Database
    - A Select bibliography of some of the collection on the 1992 Bombay riots at CED

Issues and Themes on Bombay: A Resource Guide for Teachers and Students (on Communalism)

Bomb, Bombay & Me : Students projects done at CED
    1. Survivor: A Photo essay, by  Tunali Mukherjee  [K.C.College]
    2. Ugly Truth & Vertiable Reality : A Play, by Parakh  Chouhan [ St.Andrew's College]
    3. Courage: Thy Name,  Mumbaikars? A story, by Erin Periera [Kiriti  College]

Fascism and Communalism ConsiderationsFASCISM & COMMUNALISM CONSIDERATIONS
By Sandeep Pendse, Price Rs.240/- Paperback. Print 2007.
The surge in Hindutva politics in the late 1980s raised the crucial question of the similarities and dissimilarities between communalism and fascism.

The demolition of the Babri mosque in 1992 and subsequent widespread violence of 1992-93, the formation of a BJP led government in 1998, and particularly the Gujarat Carnage of 2002 lent even greater urgency and sharpness to the debate.
It dwells on the specificity of the Gujarat Carnage as well as the characteristics of the Sangh Parivar. It also explores the essential distinguishing traits of fascism – as a generic movement. It then seeks to compare the classic fascist organizations and the Sangh Parivar.

The Introduction and Conclusion (called Prelude and Afterthoughts) attempt to place the debate in the context of contemporary Indian reality.. 
This short book examines the question in some detail essentially for the general, non-specialist reader.  

Sandeep Pendse, based in Mumbai, is an independent researcher and writer


Secularism and Secular ActionSecularism and Secular Action
By Shweta Damle, Price Rs. 90/- Paperback. Print 2008.

The constant attack on the secular fabric of the Indian society in the last two decades has been raising a fundamental issue about the concept of secularism - its alien-ness to India.

This little booklet is a modest attempt to trace the concept of secularism, and to touch upon related debates surrounding the issue. It also tries to look at the element of the rationality of the concept as being a tool for organizing society in times of crisis; especially, in the case of India, it focuses on the freedom movement and the rise of the concept of secularism.
It finally looks at the various attempts made by civil society organizations and institutions to restore the secular fabric of our society.

Shweta Damle is a Mumbai based activist

Communalism: The Razor's Edge Communalism:The Razor's Edge: a FactSheet
Though each communal riot is a retrograde expression it also signifies that Indian society is rapidly being transformed. While this does not imply that we condone communalism, we do believe that the peculiar nature of Indian capitalist development has legitimised communal heirarchies. Thus the problem cannot be wished away; it will remain an integral part of Indian politics and society until the path of economic development itself undergoes a national change.

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